Notification of Crisis Services

These services are available to you in the absence of Fairbanks Therapy Associates

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital ER

1650 Cowles Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701


For evaluation or admission for medical and mental health emergencies


Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living


24-hour crisis line to address domestic violence and sexual assault crises.


Careline Crisis Intervention


Connects to a national service for suicide prevention and other crises


Fairbanks Community Mental Health Center


During office hours, telephone messages are checked frequently and routinely. All crisis calls will be

returned the same day. If you need assistance during a time when your therapist is not available, please

contact the appropriate resource immediately. Most often, clients do not require any of these additional services.


This is to inform you of the community resource available to you should the need arise.

Professional Disclosure Statement

Per 12 AAC 62.930, in the event that Fairbanks Therapy Associates treatment programs are discussed with other professionals, all clients’ confidential information will be maintained; and the name and the identify of all clients will be disclosed only in compliance with AS 08.29.200. This information is required by the Board of Professional Counselors which regulates all licensed professional counselors. Board of Professional Counselors Division of Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing P.O. Box 110806 | Juneau, AK | 99811-0806 Phone: (907) 465-2551

  • For ongoing therapy and group clients. We are seeing people via the online program called VSee. Instructions are below.

  • Payments must be made online. Please click this link to make a payment:

  • To verify appointments please check your texts and emails.

  • Calls from our office might be coming from a (218) area code to protect privacy.

  • A Teletherapy ROI must be signed and returned before your appt. We have sent them to your email, we have them available in our LEAP mailbox at our office. You can sign, put in envelopes (ROIs and blank envelopes in our mailbox) and slide under door. We can also text you the form. If you cannot sign the form, you can Send us an email from your personal email that states the same info that is in the ROI below and send to

  • Please email with any questions.